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Why I am not donating to Wikipedia

January 3, 2011 by copywronged

In recent weeks, I’ve been bombarded with messages from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales asking me for money. I’m not exactly sure why he needs money, because the dude owns Wikipedia, and I’m sure the answer is something along the lines of “Blah blah blah the site isn’t profitable”, but frankly, neither are any of my sites (which, coincidentally, like Wikipedia, are largely written by drunk, unemployed communication majors).

But Wales isn’t getting a dime from me, and here’s why:

Don’t tell me this is some sort of coincidence.

Yeah. That’s right: he bears a more than passing resemblance to Hank Scorpio. AND I’VE NEVER SEEN THE TWO OF THEM IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME. So if you think I’m going to shell out cash so the Globex Corporation can take over the east coast, well, forget that.

Instead, I’m saving my money for a hammock.

Update: Apparently Wikipedia is no longer making such an overt appeal for money, since it met its goal of raising $16 million for the year. Expect ad-free global domination to follow.


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