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November, 2010

  1. Quit Writing Copy Like a Moron

    November 10, 2010 by copywronged


    Capital One Bank’s “Quit Banking Like a Pilgrim” campaign doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s just … weird. We’ve all got impressions of what pilgrims are, and few (if any) of those ideas have anything to do with money. It might as well say, “Quit banking like you wear buckled shoes and knee socks.” Or “Quit banking like someone who’s fleeing persecution from the Church of England.”

    I think the intent was to suggest that Capital One is a solution to outdated banking practices, right? But that’s so obscure. The only way this could play well is if “pilgrim” suddenly becomes synonymous with “moron.”

    “Ted, why are you so late to work?”

    “I locked my keys in the car.”

    “Christ, Ted, you are such a fucking pilgrim.”

    See? Then it makes sense. I’ll even help spread the new lingo: The folks behind this ad are a bunch of pilgrims.

    Location: Boston Subway


  2. Don’t Sugar Coat It

    November 9, 2010 by copywronged

    I love this:

    Eschewing so many other monikers – elephant ears, funnel cakes, fritters – and going straight for the arteries. It’s poetic in its simplicity.

    Location: Salem, MA

  3. The Scarlet Lunch Special

    November 8, 2010 by copywronged

    Being the literary dorks that we are, my husband and I might have erupted into giggles when we saw this photo outside a Thai restaurant in Salem, MA.

    Salem was where Nathaniel Hawthorne lived, and where he wrote The Scarlet Letter. Consequently, one can assume that this Rainbow Fried Rice is an absolute whore.

    Either that, or at the very least, that it should not contain raisins. Seriously. Ew.

    Location: Thai Place Restaurant, Salem, MA.