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Pack This For Lunch… if you hate your child

November 3, 2010 by copywronged

Ah, limes. The perfect lunchbox treat.

Ah, limes. The perfect lunchbox treat.

Personally, I think putting these bitter, enamel-eroding fruits in a kid’s lunchbox seems downright mean, unless you include some tequila and salt, too. Nothing helps ease the arduousness of 5th period Social Studies like being sloshed out of your gourd.

But this is clearly an isolated mistake. I mean, on the whole, the idea of selling fruit as a lunchbox item is brilliant. Easy for the parents, good for the kids, and helps combat that growing obesity problem we keep hearing about everywhere. The copy itself is pretty spot-on – it’s just the application (putting it in front of a heap of limes) that makes it ridiculous.

But surely this was just a one-time error – a brief oversight by someone who didn’t realize they had billed inedible fruit as a lunchbox snack. No one is stupid enough to repeat the mistake again, right?


“I packed a lemon in your lunch. Also, you’re adopted.”

Sigh. Whatever. Pass the tequila.

Location: Von’s Grocery Store, San Diego, CA

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