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November, 2010

  1. Baby-pocalypse

    November 19, 2010 by copywronged

    Honestly, if I saw the following scene, the least of my concerns would be the carpet:


    Instead, I’d be wondering exactly how this multicultural mix of little ankle-biters infested my home, and HOLY CRAP ARE THEY DRINKING WINE?

    In all fairness, this probably happens all the time in Italy.

    If I have a bunch of drunk, dexterous babies mobilizing inside my house, it’s pretty obviously a sign of the end of days. Forget the carpet. Get me a nerf-gun loaded with binkies. Either that, or I’ll have to tummy-kiss my way out.

    Source: Mohawk Smart Strand Carpet Ad, Real Simple Magazine, Oct 2010

  2. It’s only racist if you think about it

    November 17, 2010 by copywronged

    Riddle me this …

    Given the seemingly infinite number of symbols that exist in the world, why would you choose one that, for most people, holds a negative connotation?


    The Reter Fruit Company of Medford, OR, uses an Iron Cross as its logo. I know, I know – the cross existed long before WWII, and that it’s not inherently racist. But when you’re using a symbol whose Wikipedia page features the line, “See Also: Orders, decorations, and medals of Nazi Germany,” you might want to consider re-branding.

    Though on the plus side, you could get Schultz as your spokesperson!

    Das ist gut.

    Location: Medford, OR

  3. Damn Homonyms

    November 16, 2010 by copywronged

    I’m going to tell you right now …

    There’s no Cinnabon.

    Location: Boston, MA.